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2PCS Cracks'Gone Glass Repair Kit šŸ’Ŗ

2PCS Cracks'Gone Glass Repair Kit šŸ’Ŗ

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-Revolutionary Glass Repair Kit-

FOR expensive windshield and phone screen repairs. šŸ“±šŸš—Great for Fixing Chips, Cracks, Bulls-Eye and Star-Shaped Crack etc.

Easiest applicationĀ ā€“ apply the agent and put the glass under direct sunlight for minutesĀ without using extra tool.Ā Restore windshieldĀ fromĀ cracked, chipped lookĀ toĀ pristine conditionĀ IN a few MINUTES.(Recommended 4 bottles for entire windshield)


  • Works in under 10 Minutes
No heating is required! The reinforced injection sealant dispensing head eliminates the need to mix ingredients. Fills the cracked glass with resin to restore visibility.
  • Repairs Various Chips and Cracks
This powerful resin filler effectively fixes different types of chips and cracks such as Bugs, Cobwebs, Bulls-eye, Half-moon, Star breaks, and more.
  • Advanced Resin Formula
The advanced resin formula eliminates the appearance of chips and cracks and stops them from spreading. Perfect for multiple repairs. Works on phones and mirrors too!


  1. Clean and dry the windshield glass surface and then squeeze the resin into the cracks.
  2. Put on the curing film, then let dry and solidify for 5-10 mins.
  3. Finally scrape off any residue with the Razor Blade provided.


  • Ingredients: Resin
  • Weight: 16g


  • 4x ZeroCrack Glass Repair Fluid
  • 20x Curing Films
  • 4x Razor


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